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BSD and Darwin derivatives After many months of work DragonFly is about to release version 1.2 of its BSD based operating system. The first release candidate version can be download from dfly-20050406-pre1.2.iso.gz
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Re: Not for the average desktop
by FUD-Buster on Thu 7th Apr 2005 04:42 UTC

> Still not adequate for a desktop since it's awkward to install Java and you
> will get a very old release (1.3.1). The Flashplayer is still at 6. 7 is
> possible but was very buggy last time I checked. Again, it's difficult to
> install.

> This plagues all the BSDs and it's a shame.

No it doesn't and no it's not. Look here:

and here:

That's both java (post 1.3) and Flash on FreeBSD. I've had both running on my BSD desktop. It was not rocket science.