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BSD and Darwin derivatives After many months of work DragonFly is about to release version 1.2 of its BSD based operating system. The first release candidate version can be download from dfly-20050406-pre1.2.iso.gz
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Re: I maintain my statement
by Anonymous on Thu 7th Apr 2005 08:23 UTC

It's a shame when on Linux you can just do an urpmi or apt-get.

What about other distros of GNU/Linux than Mandrake or Debian.
And what about other architectures than GNU/Linux-x86 ?
No Flash on PPC.

I understand the reasons behind this and I use FreeBSD for some servers, it's a really good tool, just not ready for the "average" user.

FreeBSD is ready for average user (since it is so damn simple to configure).
Now why would your average user need flash ? Java ?

I won't debate over Java, qualities and defects, blah blah.
I had to use it. It is a tool, not a top-notch one, but good enough with yet one big handicap: it is not free (as in "I can twist the source to make it work all right on my architecture").

Then again, DragonFlyBSD is not especially made for "average users", or fake-geeks willing to impress girls with "wow, see that brand new OS nobody knows or use...".
It is striving to implement new designs, and first to stabilize the system, then to be used in servers.

Then again, you might be spending some time coding for *BSD instead of complaining why your desktop lacks Flash, Java, and whatever other toy. :-)
(That said, I myself am going back...)