Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 7th Apr 2005 02:04 UTC, submitted by David Rhodus
BSD and Darwin derivatives After many months of work DragonFly is about to release version 1.2 of its BSD based operating system. The first release candidate version can be download from dfly-20050406-pre1.2.iso.gz
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software for dfly
by James on Thu 7th Apr 2005 12:47 UTC

There is a considerable amount of pre-compiled software at

It's easy to install any of these with 'pkg_add -r'. I'm running Dfly as my main desktop OS right now, complete with mplayer, gnome2.6, OpenOffice, etc. Yeah, some of the software is a little aged, however, no more aged than most of the stuff you'd get with debian. Flash and Java are just as hard to setup on FreeBSD than they are on Dfly.

As for effort on ports or packages, well, I know one developer who is working on a package system in his spare time. Many others have done considerable work with pkgsrc. Many of these things are going on in the background and just can't be seen unless you hang around on IRC or read the mailinglists regularly.

Dfly isn't really ready for 'regular' users yet, but it's not quite as bad as what people are making it out to be.