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Editorial Being the best doesn't always mean being the most popular. We all know of many inferior products that are immensely, sometimes perplexingly, popular. However, this does not mean that one must forsake the pursuit of excellence when pursuing a broad market share. As proponents of open source software, it should not be beneath us to pursue popularity or to look to proprietary developers as examples. And by following the right examples, we can help spread the usage of open source software without sacrificing the goal of software excellence, says NewsForge.
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by . on Tue 12th Apr 2005 20:09 UTC

Opera has far more functionality than Mozilla Suite or a 100-extension-laden Firefox and yet is substantially faster (upwards of 5x at rendering), smaller (both in memory and on disk), and more secure than any Mozilla-based browser (with the possible exception of K-Meleon on size).

It's hard not to burn your fingers with saying some(any) browser is secure.All have had their vulnerabilities.And still have.

Would be my opinion to let the most downloaded extentions be installed per deafult with the package itself.This way there's for a lot of users not direct a reason to download and risk something.