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Editorial Being the best doesn't always mean being the most popular. We all know of many inferior products that are immensely, sometimes perplexingly, popular. However, this does not mean that one must forsake the pursuit of excellence when pursuing a broad market share. As proponents of open source software, it should not be beneath us to pursue popularity or to look to proprietary developers as examples. And by following the right examples, we can help spread the usage of open source software without sacrificing the goal of software excellence, says NewsForge.
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All I know I learned from bacteria
by openartist on Wed 13th Apr 2005 04:03 UTC

I think this article hit on something key. In my experience the OS community is learning more and more about making OS sustainable and palpable for the mainstream pallette but there's still quite a ways to go. And in my opinion part of that journey is in destroying this illusory "Us vs. Them" scenario that every Free Software/Open Source extremist stands by. What's amazing about OS is it's ability to TRANSCEND current operating systems and software but also INCLUDE. And it isn't possible to do the former before the latter, it's the nature of evolution itself in all natural systems. It seems the more that OS embraces the modes and methods of of an older paradigm rather then rejecting them out of ignorance or elitism OS will be empowered with all their gifts and yet shine beyond their flaws. There should be as much innovation as integration, then nothing is left behind. And when nothing is left behind people will have no other choice but to adopt OS, because it will be the best OS, nothing will compare. It can evolve and change faster to the user's needs than any other operating system; it's a super-organism that can adapt to the evolutionary pressures caused by it's environment near an instant. That's amazing. But what we currently lack is integration, which Apple and Microsoft both have, so cheers to them! Credit's do where credit's earned! Like old religions that have been around for thousands of years they rely on their traditions for stability. If it isn't broke, why fix it? If people buy it, why radically change it? Whereas the open source community is constantly clammering at each other and splintering like broken glass--the collective OS community is schizophrenic. Get it? No? Synopsis: INTEGRATE, INNOVATE, INTEGRATE, INNOVATE, or INCLUDE, TRANSCEND, INCLUDE, TRANSCEND, and on and on and up and up into infinity we go ever striving for perfection and always almost getting there.

"From the many to the One" -Andrew Cohen