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3D News, GL, DirectX VIA releases Linux Driver source packages: On top of the UniChrome drivers, VIA also offers display driver sources for the VIA ProSavage and ProSavage DDR integrated graphics controllers as well as the integrated Network driver source supporting six VIA Chipset South Bridges.
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by Alwin Henseler on Wed 13th Apr 2005 15:04 UTC

Very nice step from VIA. I've always been reluctant/unwilling to spend money on hardware, if the vendor won't release programming or hardware specs. For common x86 PC's, their legacy and public-spec interfaces like USB make them pretty much documented.

But for specialized components like 3D accelerated videocards or chipset integrated features, it looks like vendors have been closing up things. Personally I don't like this at all, and I suppose it's time to vote with my wallet. Future hardware purchases will be carefully selected for their 'open-friendliness'.

I can imagine vendors like VIA being tied by restrictions imposed on them by 3rd parties, but basically: they should get rid of this. Strike a deal, or replace 3rd-party incorporated tech with own developments.

As to the immature(?) state of the driver(s), that's sad. Already done for all flavours of Windows, how hard could it be to develop Linux version(s) alongside, for a company like VIA? BTW. plain hardware/programming specs help a lot as well.

Anyway, announcements like this are a very good way to please me as potential customer. Keep it up, VIA!