Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 13th Apr 2005 05:33 UTC, submitted by Pascal Riendeau
3D News, GL, DirectX VIA releases Linux Driver source packages: On top of the UniChrome drivers, VIA also offers display driver sources for the VIA ProSavage and ProSavage DDR integrated graphics controllers as well as the integrated Network driver source supporting six VIA Chipset South Bridges.
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False alarm
by John Nilsson on Wed 13th Apr 2005 16:26 UTC

For you who don't bother reading the first page of posts.
No VIA hasn't done anything that helps the OSS community.

The released code contains nothing of interest to the REAL OSS driver (

It only works with via-forks of mplayer and xine

It has known security holes and can only be used as root

And it doesn't look like VIA will do anything to fix this, while real OSS developers focus on the unichrome project instead.

So if you are stuck with a VIA board, go with the unchrome driver and just ignore VIA.