Linked by Diego Calleja on Fri 15th Apr 2005 20:49 UTC
X11, Window Managers Some Trolltech programmers are doing some optimization work in the RENDER extension. RENDER has been used with COMPOSITE to make "transparency" and "shadow" effects, and its slowness has stopped it from being widely adopted. Hopefully, this optimization work will make things better, although it's not clear in the email if this addresses the "XAA sucks, someone needs to take KAA to" problem which is often said to be the real problem of render slowness. RENDER is also often used to do more things, like AA fonts, so this will be good for X desktop in general.
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Re: Hack after hack
by Nathan O. on Mon 18th Apr 2005 03:54 UTC

True that config files are still involved, but they're a lot less of a failing point now. You can now have your config auto-generated most of the time, and you can even set up so that you can plug 'n' play keyboards / mice. A big part of the problem is still the whole driver issue. If hardware manufacturers contributed more, auto configuration would be a lot more dependable. Fonts I don't know much about ;)