Linked by Christian Schaller on Tue 19th Apr 2005 18:26 UTC
Legal We today face the risk of software patents being approved in the EU because not enough parliamentary members will be showing up to vote. Due to this it is important for those of us who oppose software patents to make sure EU parliament members see the damage software patents cause, so they realize it is important to be there to vote providing the needed absolute majority. But sending out a clear message is also important for the process of patent reform in the US and other places who have fallen into the trap of introducing them.
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When this goes through...
by the_leander on Tue 19th Apr 2005 20:59 UTC

And it will, just watch as the big US giants decimate the European hardware and software industries. I give it less then 5 years after this comes into effect before all but a very select handful of producers of both hardware and software are all that is left of the IT industry, with the rest litigated out of existance, or simply bought out.

I also have very grave doubts at OSS development when this comes in.

And yes, I agree with the earlier poster in saying that the EU is a corrupt sack of crap, anything that would allow Peter Mandelson into it cannot ever, with a straight face call itself anything but corrupt. I hope that the UK population has the intelegence to pull out of this monstrosity before it implodes in on itself.