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Legal We today face the risk of software patents being approved in the EU because not enough parliamentary members will be showing up to vote. Due to this it is important for those of us who oppose software patents to make sure EU parliament members see the damage software patents cause, so they realize it is important to be there to vote providing the needed absolute majority. But sending out a clear message is also important for the process of patent reform in the US and other places who have fallen into the trap of introducing them.
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oss patents
by JJ on Tue 19th Apr 2005 23:00 UTC

I think the open source SW comunity is between a rock and a hard place, business model not even very strong and now may have to fight patent disputes.

However patents and physical inventions are old in our culture here to stay, SW just needs to be treated the same. The fact that there is not much open source hardware suggests something is odd here although there is a tiny free HW industry.

My self, if it were up to me I would grant substantial SW patents with option to strike them down as soon as prior art is brought forward, and further I would ask all those corps most eager to benefit to throw an umbrella over OSS and not be allowed to go after any non frofit use of patents or to grant easy licence. But that won't happen.

For instance if I invent some HW that infringes on a patent belonging to the company that supplies me the means to impliment idea (FPGAs), guess what, they don't sue because I am a customer even if invisible. That is their declared policy. Not all vendors are like that.

I would hope that IBM, MS, Sun & others who will undoubtedly acquire large nos of SW patents would not sue their own customers.