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Legal We today face the risk of software patents being approved in the EU because not enough parliamentary members will be showing up to vote. Due to this it is important for those of us who oppose software patents to make sure EU parliament members see the damage software patents cause, so they realize it is important to be there to vote providing the needed absolute majority. But sending out a clear message is also important for the process of patent reform in the US and other places who have fallen into the trap of introducing them.
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Excuse me, but you are incorrect on the point that copyright is not suitable for protecting software.

Copyright indeed protects the text itself (the source code, in this case). However, it doesn't only protect against copying, it also protects against the creation of derivative works.

You claim it is trivial to write two different sets of source code that do exactly the same thing. That is misleading: it might be trivial to adapt sourcecode into other sourcecode that does the same thing, but that is protected by copyright. Copyright (in contrast to patents!) allows the independent creation of code that effectively does the same thing - but that is far from trivial.

On the topic: I agree there should be a directive on software patents. However, this directive should prevent abuse of software patents. In the first reading, the European Parliament did a pretty good job on adding such safeguards - unforatunately those were flat-out dismissed by the Council. I am *strongly* against the current form of the directive, as it allows for outrageous abuse.