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Legal We today face the risk of software patents being approved in the EU because not enough parliamentary members will be showing up to vote. Due to this it is important for those of us who oppose software patents to make sure EU parliament members see the damage software patents cause, so they realize it is important to be there to vote providing the needed absolute majority. But sending out a clear message is also important for the process of patent reform in the US and other places who have fallen into the trap of introducing them.
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by Christian Schaller on Wed 20th Apr 2005 14:44 UTC

Your claim that there is a process to throwing out bad patents is misleading. You are allowed to submit documentation and prior art to the patent office and request a re-evaluation. But you have no promises or guarantees that the person reviewing the documentation you send in is qualified to do so, or any guarantee that the patent office will actually perform a re-evaluation. Its fully up to their own discresion if they do so or not.

And yes you can take the case to court, but patent cases are very expensive, and if you need to have 4-5 different patents all found invalid you better be Bill Gates little brother to be able to afford it.