Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 27th Aug 2001 05:22 UTC
Syllable, AtheOS AtheOS is a modern, free (GPLed) Operating System written from scratch in C++. A big chunk of the OS is POSIX compliant, supports multiprocessing and it is GUI-oriented (fully OOP). Today we are hosting an interesting interview with the AtheOS creator, Kurt Skauen. Kurt is talking about his views on binary compatibility in future versions, multithreading and the future of his OS in general.
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by BoneYard on Wed 29th Aug 2001 12:15 UTC

People keep harping on about BONE and OpenGL (no one seems to mention the new media kit..), but to be honest, it's all out there if you look in the right places (..BeShare..) BONE is not the answer, sure it looks pretty, and it connects to the Net on one of my 2 BeOS boxes, but it kills Tracker at boot time on the other (this could be related to multithreading ;-). It's not finished, so releasing it will simply trash a load of peoples BeOS Intallations, and maybe make 60% of the population happy. Not found OGL/Media Kit yet, but to be honest, I doubt I'll bother if BONE is anything to go by. If anyone knows of a sollution to Tracker dying, please let me know. I'm going insane!! (first it was KDL because of the PCTEL Model I have on the mobo.. solved that one by deleting the driver ;-) You end up with Tracker running for about 2 seconds, and then you get an error window telling you something along the lines of Tracker doing something illegal. If you debug, it mentions some 'init????V10( *void, *void)' call being bad. That's totally from memory btw.