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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Welcome back to another issue of my reviews of Linux distributions. Not really surprisingly, this time I decided to take a close look at the second version of the most popular Debian offshoot, Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu's performance probably was the biggest surprise that 2004 had in store for Linux users. Just 9 months ago, almost noone even knew that there was a new project underway, but then things went really fast: after a preview version in mid-September, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, released version 4.10 in October. Being based on Debian, Ubuntu has a solid base and, despite not being supported officially, all the (18.000) Debian packages available. Ubuntu 4.10 proved to be a decent operating system (especially for a first try) and had overall pretty positive reviews (here's mine).
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RE: RE: Martin
by Martin on Mon 25th Apr 2005 22:42 UTC

Thanks! I'll def. check that out! =)
"Well, I don't know what to tell you about the Nvidia drivers (I have a laptop and a desktop that uses those drivers all day and I only get crashes when I mess with xcompmgr). But as for the other things, I advise that you stay away from debian repositories. The backports repo has everything like that:

I know what the Ubuntuguide says, but he doesn't tell you to use the backport repo because of a spat with the backports in the past."