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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Welcome back to another issue of my reviews of Linux distributions. Not really surprisingly, this time I decided to take a close look at the second version of the most popular Debian offshoot, Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu's performance probably was the biggest surprise that 2004 had in store for Linux users. Just 9 months ago, almost noone even knew that there was a new project underway, but then things went really fast: after a preview version in mid-September, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, released version 4.10 in October. Being based on Debian, Ubuntu has a solid base and, despite not being supported officially, all the (18.000) Debian packages available. Ubuntu 4.10 proved to be a decent operating system (especially for a first try) and had overall pretty positive reviews (here's mine).
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If it doesn't work for you...
by Anonymous on Tue 26th Apr 2005 06:23 UTC

...file a bug report. Seriously. If Ubuntu doesn't work out of the box on your hardware and you're sure that it should (there are Linux drivers, if works on other distros, you've fixed it yourself), it's a bug. Please file a bug report.

There aren't going to be (m)any other people out there with the exact same configuration as you, so if you don't report it, it may never be fixed. So get off your butt, and do something to help.