Linked by David Adams on Thu 28th Apr 2005 07:05 UTC
Mac OS X OSNews reviews Apple's latest OS upgrade. Is it an overpriced, glorified point release or a truly worthy upgrade with major new functionality? Is it a Longhorn killer or just more of the same? We'll take a look, and try to see what's on the surface as well as what's under the hood.
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Longhorn killer?
by nnooiissee on Thu 28th Apr 2005 08:12 UTC

Haven't read the review yet, but the first paragraph looks bad. I was checking out iRiver's H10 and I realized, this isn't an iPod killer. The H10 is the first MP3 player that I would actually consider if I ever replace my iPod.

The term iPod killer is a mark of shame for also rans.

I preordered Tiger, but I fear you are right. Just like the best of the non iPod MP3 players, if Tiger gets a 10th of the market share of Longhorn it will be impressive.

But what do I know. Longhorn looks worse than XP to me. It has all been downhill since NT 4.