Linked by David Adams on Thu 28th Apr 2005 07:05 UTC
Mac OS X OSNews reviews Apple's latest OS upgrade. Is it an overpriced, glorified point release or a truly worthy upgrade with major new functionality? Is it a Longhorn killer or just more of the same? We'll take a look, and try to see what's on the surface as well as what's under the hood.
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again with the ripoff complaints
by monkeyboy on Thu 28th Apr 2005 09:11 UTC

Why do we need to hear again and again how apple ripped off watson and konfabulator? A perfectly good review covering strengths, weaknesses and changes marked by a clamber onto the soapbox to repeat tired rants.

I feel depressed that I even need to post this.
Konfabulator was a re-implementation of previous widget systems including apples own desk accessories.
Watson was a ripoff of Sherlock written after the author was shown a pre-release version as part of a job offer.