Linked by David Adams on Thu 28th Apr 2005 07:05 UTC
Mac OS X OSNews reviews Apple's latest OS upgrade. Is it an overpriced, glorified point release or a truly worthy upgrade with major new functionality? Is it a Longhorn killer or just more of the same? We'll take a look, and try to see what's on the surface as well as what's under the hood.
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False allegations
by sergio on Thu 28th Apr 2005 15:22 UTC

I couldn't help but notice some false information OSNews published in that story.

1) You accused apple of ripping off Launchbar and Quicksilver in Spotlight. However, Apple has been working on their implementation of spotlight since 2000. Spotlight was developed 'first', but only arrived in the market after Launchbar and Quicksilver, for largely technical reasons. Not to mention, they are all implemented in a aesthetically and functionally very different ways.

2) Sherlock was in development for quite some time before Watson appeared. Watson had some very innovative features, but almost all of them were simple logical progressions from the existing version of sherlock. It is hardly surprising that Apple was working in a similar direction. To Apple's credit, they noticed this while the new sherlock was in development, so they offered the developer a job at Apple. He declined, and apple went ahead with further sherlock development. it is an unfortunate turn of events, but there was nothing that could have been done to resolve this: Apple should not be required to include a shareware product in their OS when Apple did most of the concept and design work for that product to begin with. And they should not have to abandon their roadmap based on what shareware companies are doing, unless those shareware companies have new innovations that are patented.

3) Dashboard is not a confabulator rip-off. Konfabulator is a rip-off of Desk Accessories, which were a set of mini applets that Apple designed in the early 1980s. These included a calculator and various other applets. Konfabulator was new because it featured widgets that fit in with Apple's Aqua style, including subtle drop shadows and so on. Hardly surprisingly, when Apple redesigned their Desk Accessories for Tiger, they also fit in with Aqua. Konfabulator's general widget appearance borrows heavily from Apple GUI design. Rose, the designer of Konfabulator (and many widgets), used to work for Apple's GUI development.

Konfabulator is a platform for having prettier Aqua-complementary applets called 'widgets'. The only thing that Konfabulator brings to the table is aesthetics, which borrow heavily from Apple's GUI anyway. Dashboard does this and more, bringing useful expose functions, controls, making widgets easy to create, and allowing them to fully interoperate with other programs much more intimately. In any case, Apple owns the rights to the original concept of Desk Accessories anyway. So Apple did the brunt of the innovation, and Konfabulator saw an opportunity when Apple was focused elsewhere.

In future, please be more careful before you publish damaging allegations.