Linked by David Adams on Thu 28th Apr 2005 07:05 UTC
Mac OS X OSNews reviews Apple's latest OS upgrade. Is it an overpriced, glorified point release or a truly worthy upgrade with major new functionality? Is it a Longhorn killer or just more of the same? We'll take a look, and try to see what's on the surface as well as what's under the hood.
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Onca again...
by sergio on Thu 28th Apr 2005 17:40 UTC

David Adams, you missed the point - Spotlight was being developed from 2000 onwards! Mockups of the functionality were floating around apple very early on in the project. And using the same key combinations is probably a feature for Launchbar users who are set in their ways, something to help them switch from lucnchbar to Spotlight... you are really grasping for arguments if you are suggesting apple 'ripped off' a key combination! There are only so meany ways to impliment searches, and Apple's approach was a different as it could hve been.

In GUI design, all crucial or much-used functions should be on the edges of the screen, ideally in a corner. In Max OS X, the bottom and side edges are not suitable, and the bottom corners are used for things like expose. So that leaves the top edge - most of which is used for application menus. The top left corner is used for the apple menu and an expose corner. That leaves the tp right corner as the ideal place for a search button: not exactly in the corner, because that is for expose, but as close as possible. Launchbar follows these GUI rules, many of which are outlined in the Human Interface Guidelines written by Apple. As for placing things in corners, that is known as "Fritz" law.

Now, on to Dashboard/Konfabulator... understand that Konfabulator is nothing more than aquified Desk Accessories with new widgets taking advantage of the internet. Dashboard is aquified/Apple GUI style Desk Accessories that are easy to create and control, easy to access, less resource intensive, more useful in terms of integration and outdo Konfabulator's attractiveness. Apple-style attractiveness is the only thing separating Konfabulator from Desk Accessories. The Konfabulator/dashboard connection is weak considering that (surprise surprise) Apple used Apple's own GUI style when redesigning their very own Desk Accessories.

Oh, and Desk Accessories included more than just a calculator: it included a puzzle, keycaps, notepad, clock and control panel. Hmmm... these are much the same as the current Dashboard widgets, with a few new widgets like a dictionary and iTunes controller.

Oh, and the Watson develper was receiving advance previews of Sherlock that 'inspired' him to progress the design the next level. He was good enough for apple to want him, but his product used too much of Apple's design for Apple to include it as a shareware product in their OS.