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Mac OS X OSNews reviews Apple's latest OS upgrade. Is it an overpriced, glorified point release or a truly worthy upgrade with major new functionality? Is it a Longhorn killer or just more of the same? We'll take a look, and try to see what's on the surface as well as what's under the hood.
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re: TornadoBoy
by Mr. Banned on Thu 28th Apr 2005 19:25 UTC

My external Firewire drive won't mount unless I reboot with the drive off then power it on.

I ran into this recently when I built myself a couple of external drives using two Rosewill 1340/800 cases (which, btw, are VERY nice cases!).

After some research into the problem, it turns out that the bug is apparently with the implementation of the firewire protocol on some drives. What happens is that once the drives spin down (for power saving purposes), they won't spin back up unless the net connection's reset. Turning them off as you're doing works, but so does just unplugging the firewire cable from the drive (or the PC end, if it's convenient), and plugging it back in. Doing this will save the wear and tear on the drive from constantly being power-cycled also.

However, there is a solution also: If you look on version tracker, there's a script someone's made available for free, which will prevent the drive spindown on the firewire drvie, thus circumventing the problem.

The result means however, that your drives are constantly on & spinning. This isn't a bad thing, and IMHO, is better than constantly power cycling the drives.

The catch is if you put your computer to sleep. If you do this, then the drives spin down after non-use automatically, and you'll have to reset the connection after waking the PC back up.

Hope this helps...