Linked by Uri Sharf on Mon 2nd May 2005 20:23 UTC
PC-BSD PC-BSD is a new FreeBSD 5.3 distribution, with a graphical installer and KDE 3.4 as its desktop. A new beta version was just released, and though I can't say I have much experience with FreeBSD, or any *BSD for that matter, I was curious enough to try it. And I'm glad I did. From a desktop user's point of view, completely oblivious to the many virtues and sound foundation of all things BSD, all I really ever wanted was an OS that is solid, easy to install and, well ... fun to work with.
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by jack on Tue 3rd May 2005 17:01 UTC

GNU/Linux is not superior to FreeBSD, or vice versa.

From a users prespective GNU/Linux is a much more viable alternative since it has more commercial support than any other alternative Operating System. Take for instance all the drivers, commercial apps, and OSS developed with only GNU/Linux in mind. From that point of view GNU/Linux is alot better suited for the spoonfed type.

From a technical perspective it may be the other way around, I won't bother getting into that.

With the new "Mac Mini", Mac OS-X is a more viable option for end users if you really wanted you could drop a few hundred bills and get an OS that even your Ex-Girlfriend could use. MS-WinXP is not a BSD based OS, as far as I know so ...