Linked by drsmoothy on Sat 7th May 2005 18:54 UTC
Linux When I read the article on Slashdot & OSNews that Linare was putting out a sub-$500 notebook, I immediately jumped on the deal. I purchased a laptop directly from Linare in early February. Their site stated that I would receive the laptop in 2-4 weeks. I waited in anticipation.
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Better experience
by J.F. on Sat 7th May 2005 22:41 UTC

I got one of the Linspire sub-$500 WalMart laptops back in January. No problem on the shipping, and it came with a Recovery CD and manual. I didn't keep Linspire on it since I didn't care for it (v4.5 Linspire), so I reformatted and installed XP Pro, Fedora Core 3, SkyOS, and AROS on it. XP Pro and FC3 run surprisingly well for only having 112M of RAM (112M system / 16M video), but I have a 512M SODIMM coming in next week. I can't play DOOM3 on it as it is (not enough RAM), but it plays Quake3 (and derivatives) just fine.

If you google for the Balance CN4949, you'll find more about it. It's no powerhouse, but it's worth $500.