Linked by drsmoothy on Sat 7th May 2005 18:54 UTC
Linux When I read the article on Slashdot & OSNews that Linare was putting out a sub-$500 notebook, I immediately jumped on the deal. I purchased a laptop directly from Linare in early February. Their site stated that I would receive the laptop in 2-4 weeks. I waited in anticipation.
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RE: Allright, but this review is worthless...
by drsmoothy on Sun 8th May 2005 05:37 UTC

I may agree with the rant about shipment delays, but that the "review" is mostly only that rant?

There hasn't been much else to tell.

I would have appreciated a more detailed description of the laptop and of Linare (the OS).

A picture is worth a thousand words. Go to and click on the laptop. What could I provide that isn't there.

You didn't like it so you reinstalled the laptop? That's it?

There are plenty of reviews on Linare the OS, some even on OSNews. It's not like the OS is magically different on Linare hardware.

This review is crap.

Everyones entitled to their own opinion. While it's no work of art, it is useful information that was not available to me when I searched for info before making my purchase.