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Linux When I read the article on Slashdot & OSNews that Linare was putting out a sub-$500 notebook, I immediately jumped on the deal. I purchased a laptop directly from Linare in early February. Their site stated that I would receive the laptop in 2-4 weeks. I waited in anticipation.
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Re: Microsoft is Right
by Anonymous on Sun 8th May 2005 15:03 UTC

I hate to admit it, but Microsoft is right when they say these things get wiped and then have a copy of Windows put on them.

This sort of thing does Linux no favours whatsoever.

While I'm sure that happens, I've replaced Windows with Linux (not dual boot) on more production systems than I've put Windows on a white box system.

Personally, I have a couple systems (Dell laptop & destop) that are running Linux now that came with Windows pre-installed. On top of that, I've helped 3 other people switch to Linux -- 1 of them a total novice who noticed I didn't use Windows and asked if I would install it for him. (He's happy with the switch for the past +6 months; no requests for old Windows programs, mostly asks questions about the web in general such as 'how do I find _____?'.)

I don't think that the % of people buying this or other Linux-pre-installed systems are wiping Linux out just so they can rip off Windows. I can see them buying a full copy of Windows, though, because the @!#$!#@$! restore CDs are just about useless -- expecially when dual booting.