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Hardware, Embedded Systems We got in a new loaner from, the brand new LC2210D model: a Centrino 1.80 GHz CPU, 512 MBs of RAM, Intel Extreme gfx card, 40 GB drive and a 14" XGA TFT screen. The laptop comes with the latest Ubuntu installed and sells for $1249. Read more for our review.
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Couple of points...
by Matthew Garrett on Mon 9th May 2005 09:24 UTC

Real acpi does not work: if you close the lid, the lcd will go off, but the laptop does not go to sleep. This is a more generic Linux problem which doesn't have real sleep support for most laptops.

If it's suspending/resuming, it's using acpi. The reason that closing the lid doesn't suspend the machine is that lots of people don't want their machines to suspend on lid closure. In Breezy, this will be configurable.

There is no 3D support, as it is not compatible with suspend/resume (it's a trade off, a decision had to be made).

On an i855/i915? Rubbish. Ubuntu 5.04 has perfectly working 3D over suspend/resume on that hardware. This required a small amount of kernel modification (the X server checks for the wrong version number), so if the vendor has replaced the kernel then they may not have noticed this.