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Hardware, Embedded Systems We got in a new loaner from, the brand new LC2210D model: a Centrino 1.80 GHz CPU, 512 MBs of RAM, Intel Extreme gfx card, 40 GB drive and a 14" XGA TFT screen. The laptop comes with the latest Ubuntu installed and sells for $1249. Read more for our review.
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For those with Mouse problems & @Jason
by somebody on Mon 9th May 2005 18:54 UTC

try adding


to kernel parameters in grub.conf, it worked always for me even without synaptics driver. With the latest notebook even scroll area works (previous notebooks haven't got that). It even corrected speed for me into really sane level.

But for those that need specific click areas synaptics driver is the only solution

@James and 100% response

Yeah, you're probably right on that one in your way. Not even one notebook of all>20 was not 100% (if I take out Intel graphics based, powerbook was the worst (running OS9, but Apple service probably used my notebook more time than me)).

Let me specify my 100% and Intel. I noted that I don't know if Intel graphics now work as they should. Intel support sucked major in this department. If state has not improved from what I saw, then this is very far from 100% (just the fact that intel graphics card is inside would be enough). There is a lot of notebooks that use either ati or nvidia graphics (both worked flawlesly for me every time). And I think that no3D or no secondary display is a large bug enough to claim wheter it is linux certified or not. Otherwise you're saying that a car without one wheel is ok for you to continue driving

Again, for the second time I specify:
- that I haven't tested this notebook (as I already noted in my previous answer)
- this is just my speculation based on my previous experiences with Intel graphics and their support
1. experience - 2 notebooks with 815 chipset, 2d was just fine but 3d was more or less non-functional
2. experience - 1 notebook with 835 (3 months I was draging notebook with only partial display active 1280x1024 instead of 1400x1050 and even that in vesa mode). Intel didn't wan't to disclose trade secrets???
- my post was formed more like a question about current state of Intel graphics on this notebook
- and finally, my post is invalid if Intel graphics chip is now supported as it should