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Linux When I read the article on Slashdot & OSNews that Linare was putting out a sub-$500 notebook, I immediately jumped on the deal. I purchased a laptop directly from Linare in early February. Their site stated that I would receive the laptop in 2-4 weeks. I waited in anticipation.
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@james: You're confused about brand
by Anonymous on Mon 9th May 2005 22:02 UTC

Please be careful when making statements like yours to ensure they are accurate. Linare is NOT AFFILIATED WITH WALMART. The PCs sold at Walmart are supplied by LINSPIRE. The names are similar enough to be confused and retail for the exact same price, but they are completely different machines from different companies:

* Linare has an Athlon CPU, Linspire's counterpart is a VIA C3

* Linare has S3 graphics, Linspire uses a Unichrome-based chipset

* Linare uses a Fedora-derived distro, Linspire is Debian based

While Linspire has its share of critics, it has done much more to add value to its distro, is more established as a ventor and supporter of Linux and has a much better reputation than Linare has managed to create for itself. Keep in mind that if Linspire conducted business anywhere near as bad as Linare seems to have done, tehn Walmart would've dropped them very quickly--or spotted the signs before even letting them sell their goods through Walmart.