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Slackware, Slax "I have very mixed feelings about this release of Slackware. I do not think that the underlying philosophy of Slackware is obsolete. The concept of a system that can be configured and molded to the n'th degree is still in my opinion very much a good idea. However, this release of Slackware is not without its problems in execution." Read the review here.
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RE: Slackware is past for me
by Eugenia on Mon 9th May 2005 22:03 UTC

It's very unfortunate about Pat's illness, but the reality remains that packages were not updating in the same speed as it was happening before. Pat is one person, as I said, and a single person can't take into such a big job. The whole Slackware experience does not fit in 5 floppies anymore, it requires more work and Pat is not able to do so as fast, and he doesn't want to share the burden with anyone else. That's bad for business IMHO, and that's why I moved to a faster-maintained distro. Security updates is the not everything.

As I said, Arch is not as stable or reliable as Slackware is, but it's a trade off that I am willing to do.