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Hardware, Embedded Systems We got in a new loaner from, the brand new LC2210D model: a Centrino 1.80 GHz CPU, 512 MBs of RAM, Intel Extreme gfx card, 40 GB drive and a 14" XGA TFT screen. The laptop comes with the latest Ubuntu installed and sells for $1249. Read more for our review.
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RE: Anyone tried this new version ?
by Moulinneuf on Mon 9th May 2005 22:58 UTC

Eugenia (IP: :

"The laptop comes with 2.6.10"

its old , about 6 month :

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:

"so it uses the version of softwaresuspend2 that works with that kernel version only."

your right , but probably an older version too as the new one came out :

5 May 2005: released.

Its also probably using hibernate 1.5 :

Latest hibernate script: 1.07

"And what's the point trying the new version? "

Seems to me all those software are tied up togheter somehow.

"SoftwareSuspend2 does already work as suspend-to-disk, it's suspend-to-ram that doesn't (it's not the same)."

probably relate to hibernate 1.7 9 Dont take my word for it just guessing )

I dont know Ubuntu that well only used it as live cd , is there a possibility to upgrade those to the newer stable version ?