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Hardware, Embedded Systems We got in a new loaner from, the brand new LC2210D model: a Centrino 1.80 GHz CPU, 512 MBs of RAM, Intel Extreme gfx card, 40 GB drive and a 14" XGA TFT screen. The laptop comes with the latest Ubuntu installed and sells for $1249. Read more for our review.
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by Moulinneuf on Mon 9th May 2005 23:18 UTC

"LC works with the version Ubuntu shipped with"

thats a given , exept that the possibility to upgrade for the buyer should be availaible.

People buy those system because they are said to be fully working , if something is missing or not working , in my book there is a problem with the master (if any ) and recovery cd ( if any ) that LC ship. Those problem should be mentionned on there webpage and not hidden.

"they don't want to take chances with newer/older kernels."

Where not talking beta or rc here where talking about stable version that came out with a lot of improvments. 6 month in GNU/Linux is like two years in the proprietary system.

Thats when you see support at work , if there afraid to use newer "stable" version or offer the possibility to switch to them , then maybe they should not be shipping that Laptop model or/and that distribution yet , or say what problem could occur and that they will have a fix as soon as the new version come out.