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Slackware, Slax "I have very mixed feelings about this release of Slackware. I do not think that the underlying philosophy of Slackware is obsolete. The concept of a system that can be configured and molded to the n'th degree is still in my opinion very much a good idea. However, this release of Slackware is not without its problems in execution." Read the review here.
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ditched Xfce because of monitor problems?
by sofar on Tue 10th May 2005 11:10 UTC

The Xfce bug is forgivable. While it is annoying, it is entirely possible that the developers never encountered it, or if they did, they mistook it for a minor fluke.

Stuff like this drives me mad. This guys writes a nice report which is very positive, but then decides to switch to fluxbox because his monitor dies, or he chose the wrong display frequency, put his subwoofer on top of it ... you get the idea.

People who cannot stay objective should not write articles like this. This way no-one will get a fair idea about anything.