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Slackware, Slax "I have very mixed feelings about this release of Slackware. I do not think that the underlying philosophy of Slackware is obsolete. The concept of a system that can be configured and molded to the n'th degree is still in my opinion very much a good idea. However, this release of Slackware is not without its problems in execution." Read the review here.
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Not anymore
by Bud on Tue 10th May 2005 11:39 UTC

Loved (in fact I still love) Slack. However , as a Gnome fanatic I was quite dissapointed by the decision of quiting Gnome altogether from the future Slack releases. Of course, there's Dropline,GWare,you name it, but it just don't cut for various reasons I won't say them here.
Since I don't have much time anymore to play with Slack, I've opted for another distro recently.I put that to test.It may be that I will come back to Slack,but I don't think so.
It's all in the choice. What I loved to Slack is that you keep fine tuning,change the bits and stuffs, you customize it until is no more a Linux distro. It becomes ... you. Really , that's my feeling about it after 3 years of non stop usage.