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Slackware, Slax "I have very mixed feelings about this release of Slackware. I do not think that the underlying philosophy of Slackware is obsolete. The concept of a system that can be configured and molded to the n'th degree is still in my opinion very much a good idea. However, this release of Slackware is not without its problems in execution." Read the review here.
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about that boot time
by pixelfairy on Tue 10th May 2005 19:30 UTC

a few &s in /etc/rc.d/rc.M can do wonders (carefull with hotplug though, you should probably just let that one sit) had to do this for my laptop (slow, used a transmeta chip, which is, i suspect, the main reason)

background for those confused: rc.M is a startup script, which runs each startup command one at a time, showing you its output, so if anything goes wrong, youll see it. no one cares any more (at least till something goes wrong) so background those starting tasks and it will move on to the next one, effectively doing them in parallel.

anyway, the above applys to slackware, apperantly uniquely to slackware, as all the other distros have complex start up procedures that take even longer.