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Slackware, Slax "I have very mixed feelings about this release of Slackware. I do not think that the underlying philosophy of Slackware is obsolete. The concept of a system that can be configured and molded to the n'th degree is still in my opinion very much a good idea. However, this release of Slackware is not without its problems in execution." Read the review here.
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Be excellent
by Dudesdad on Wed 11th May 2005 01:02 UTC

As far as I am concerned there are only two Linux distro's.
Slackware and the rest.
I have used about a dozen or more distro's in the last four years and I always end up going back to Slackware.
Yep, I have even tried the "new" ones.
I like KDE more than Gnome.
I like Slackware more than the others.
I like Beer more than Pepsi.
I like Slackware, you may like something else... but to start calling people names and such is just childish.
Use what you like and like what you use.
Celebrate diversity, and let's just be excellent to one another.