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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun Microsystems has delayed the release of two major features the company has trumpeted as reasons to try its latest version of the Solaris operating system. Eric Schrock, a Solaris kernel programmer, said on his blog in April that he's "completely redesigning the ZFS commands from the ground up" after finding some deficiencies.
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Sun, benchmarks and lawyers
by Anonymous on Fri 13th May 2005 17:09 UTC

Robert, I found your post a bit disingenious, and
possibly even a bit sinister.

What you are not saying is that Sun will likely start legal action against any individuals, web sites or magazines that dare to benchmark Solaris against some other operating sytem without Sun's express permission.

Your comments about Sun monitoring USENET makes me wonder if they aren't actively looking for violations of this requirement.

Sun is playing a potentially dangerous game. The computer world is generally disenchanted with bogus benchmarks after years of shameless Microsoft spinning (remember MindCraft?).

Rigged and bogus benchmarks are a Microsoftism that Sun should definitely avoid emulating.

Given Microsoft's history, why would anybody believe Solaris benchmarks that are authorized by Sun.

This applies to any sofware company, not just Sun and Microsoft.