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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun Microsystems has delayed the release of two major features the company has trumpeted as reasons to try its latest version of the Solaris operating system. Eric Schrock, a Solaris kernel programmer, said on his blog in April that he's "completely redesigning the ZFS commands from the ground up" after finding some deficiencies.
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by Will on Fri 13th May 2005 19:51 UTC

ZFS is going to be very cool, and not just for big enterprises. I think its going to be a wonderful asset to anyone who has more than one disk drive, or who has ever made a partition too small. (Such as yours truly that has a pretty mangled UFS volume at home...)

Basically, ZFS is to offer the basics of any modern filesystem, but it also includes features like raiding, striping, and snapshots (mmm...snapshots). It also makes it easier to mix and match physical volumes into logical volumes.

So, is your /usr partition too small? Slap in a new physical drive and seemlessly extend it then. Things like this are supposed to be very easy to do.

While one of the focuses is to make it easier to manage insane numbers of drives, a lot of that management will boil down into making it easy to manage two drives as well.

The key is not that these are new and innovative features, they've been around on other systems and tools for some time, but the fact that Sun basically decided that the world has learned a lot about file systems in the past 20 years, it's time to redo from start and remove as many limits as practical from the integrated package. On top of that, they're giving it away (there is little doubt that ZFS will fold in to OpenSolaris at some point).

Veritas, Netapp, EMC, etc. have to do some major marketing to convince the market that their feature set is better than the free download from Sun.

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