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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun Microsystems has delayed the release of two major features the company has trumpeted as reasons to try its latest version of the Solaris operating system. Eric Schrock, a Solaris kernel programmer, said on his blog in April that he's "completely redesigning the ZFS commands from the ground up" after finding some deficiencies.
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by Shaman on Fri 13th May 2005 23:01 UTC

>And why would Sun want to be another "Linux" company when
>they have a better product (Solaris)? Just because IBM
>and HP did it doesn't mean Sun has to do it.

That's a tall claim... and a demonstrably false one in many cases. Better how? Can I run my Winmodem and voice-mail capability on Solaris? How about my iSCSI and Infiniband cards? What about my Broadcom GigEth? No?

Do a little research... Solaris has its strong points. So does DOS.