Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 13th May 2005 07:20 UTC
Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun Microsystems has delayed the release of two major features the company has trumpeted as reasons to try its latest version of the Solaris operating system. Eric Schrock, a Solaris kernel programmer, said on his blog in April that he's "completely redesigning the ZFS commands from the ground up" after finding some deficiencies.
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re: Re: Better?
by yawn on Fri 13th May 2005 23:48 UTC

You will notice they only have drivers for some broadcom chipsets here:

Just like Linux has support for some Winmodem chipsets here:

So, from this perspective Solaris is almost as good as Linux.

From a licensing perspective, however, Solaris still sucks. And it looks like it always will. This is why we were pushing for OpenSolaris. But does it really matter? We already got Linux and BSD. Sun doesn't have to release Solaris under the GPL. They really don't. Its just not important anymore. A couple years ago, when I first mentioned it, it might have given them some advantage. But now? Well, 2.6 is stable. Its kinda late now.