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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun Microsystems has delayed the release of two major features the company has trumpeted as reasons to try its latest version of the Solaris operating system. Eric Schrock, a Solaris kernel programmer, said on his blog in April that he's "completely redesigning the ZFS commands from the ground up" after finding some deficiencies.
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RE re: Sad thread
by Anonymouser on Sat 14th May 2005 16:59 UTC

"It can't compete with the momentum of Linux. It takes years to build up a community like that, these things won't happen the day OpenSolaris is released."

Solaris already has tons of momentum in a huge installed base. The community is already there. The pilot program has very enthusiastic people in it. Opening the source code will only push this further.

ISVs would _love_ OpenSolaris. It's APIs are consistent, QA against new releases is easy, Solaris is very well documented for newbies and old farts alike, and it is generally a pretty clean system. Even in Solaris 10, with a gutted and replaced init system, compatibility is still retained.

People who criticize the CDDL don't understand just how easy it is for ISVs to play along. The full spectrum of ISVs are accomodated, from the most OSS-friendly ones to ones with trade secrets to ones so old-fashioned OSS is forbidden. They can all release drivers for OpenSolaris, they can all derive OpenSolaris for their own needs. They can even resell it with no royalties to Sun.