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General Development After five years of development, Free Pascal 2.0 is ready. With the new compiler, its authors believe they are ready to become a larger open source development platform. In the MS-DOS world, Pascal was one of the major programming languages and is by means of Borland Delphi an important programming language in the Windows world. In the open source world, Free Pascal is the leading Pascal compiler and while open source is a bit biased using the C language, the Pascal language has a lot to offer to open source programmers.
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by somebody on Mon 16th May 2005 22:05 UTC

Lazarus is nice, but it needs tons more work to be used for production.

More than tons, please (at least the linux version of bad joke).

If anything lazarus might be a good start for anyone porting their old application from windows to linux in the line of the quickest result. I won't dispute that. But, as far as gtk is taken into consideration, I wouldn't like to see it would get adopted.

They completely discriminated gtk to the unrecognisable level. No container based design which leads for interface to fail to be displayed properly with themes.
Second, reinventing the wheels where cars already exist. I mean tables, buttons, image loaders??? No gtk2 support?