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General Development After five years of development, Free Pascal 2.0 is ready. With the new compiler, its authors believe they are ready to become a larger open source development platform. In the MS-DOS world, Pascal was one of the major programming languages and is by means of Borland Delphi an important programming language in the Windows world. In the open source world, Free Pascal is the leading Pascal compiler and while open source is a bit biased using the C language, the Pascal language has a lot to offer to open source programmers.
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>There has been no official announcement by
>borland that Kylix is dead.

But if you see the Borland product line the win32 based Pascal/BCB line seems to dead. The newest stuff is based on .NET. And the background of Kylix is the win32 based Delphi line + the wine windows emulator (and the Qt based CLX - it is also discontinued in newer Delphi versions (D8/D2k5)).

>And if there is anyone to blame it's all the people that
>where to cheap to buy Kylix at the reasonable
>price of 249.00
> When they first released it, it was priced way to
>high, but they came to their senses and reduced the
>price. At 249.99 is a very good deal.

The price is not a problem, I have officialy legal Kylix from 1.0 to 3.0. But the K3 the latest Kylix version is certified only the following linux distributions:
- Red Hat 7.2
- SuSE 7.3
- Mandrake 8.2

This distributions are a "little bit" outdated. And in the newest linux distributions you must use black magic, wooodo or similar things to use kylix (LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, "1" to /proc/sys/vm/legacy_va_layout, etc). And at least I cannot use it with newer kernel then 2.6.10.

And it is only the one problem. The bigger is the CLX bugs and the old Qt. The maximized window in K3 applications changed to normal if you change the virtual desktop window, the clipboard not always works correctly between the k3 and other applications (IMHO it is Qt2 problem), etc. And because it is used for multiplatform applications: the D7 CLX also very buggy (more then K3 CLX).

It is very sad for me, because I based my business to CLX and the change to any new platform will very painful procedure - but at the near future I must change. And because of Kylix fiasco this technology will borland-free: only microsoft based (.NET/M$ Visual Studio) or totally open source(java, C++/wxWidgets, Lazarus/FPC) or combinantion (mono).