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General Development After five years of development, Free Pascal 2.0 is ready. With the new compiler, its authors believe they are ready to become a larger open source development platform. In the MS-DOS world, Pascal was one of the major programming languages and is by means of Borland Delphi an important programming language in the Windows world. In the open source world, Free Pascal is the leading Pascal compiler and while open source is a bit biased using the C language, the Pascal language has a lot to offer to open source programmers.
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by Anonymous on Thu 19th May 2005 02:40 UTC

Lazarus shows great promise and I will probably start using it when it matures a bit more. (for now it's still Kylix)
I first remember seeing Lazarus years ago and I have come back to check it out every year and it is starting to look really good. Go Lazarus!!!

I also would not count out Kylix just yet, I think Borland will come around and release a updated version.
There has been no official anouncment from Borland that it is dead. The problem was that sales of the 249.00 Pro version did go well.

If you want to see a new updated Kylix go and buy the Pro version for 249 or update your Kylix 1 or 2 for 110.00.
Even though making GUIs with it stinks it works GREAT for apache DSOs,Daemons,Console apps,TCP/IP apps with Synapse
( which also works with Free Pascal. I have daemons that implement custom TCP/IP protocols(with Synapse) that have been running for over 1 year with no downtime, So lets not say Kylix is dead or useless, it's far from the truth.