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SGI and IRIX Can a proprietary Unix be a desktop OS that competes with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops? Although it may lack the visual effects of OS X, and installation is tricky in parts, Irix is a stable desktop OS -- possibly because it runs only on SGI's own hardware. Read the rest at NewsForge.
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desktop os
by dave on Fri 20th May 2005 21:23 UTC

I've had my SGI for a while now and I use it as my main desktop these days. It is a little slow rendering 2D graphics but it is not too bad. But I listen to MP3s, work in OpenOffice, browse with firefox, etc just fine. All with absolute stability (mine still has the install of the OS that came with it, and not so much as an application crash), no fear of spyware/virii, and the added prestege of owning what was once one of the most powerful desktop machines on the market... all this for rock bottom prices with a huge, razor sharp monitor.