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SGI and IRIX Can a proprietary Unix be a desktop OS that competes with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops? Although it may lack the visual effects of OS X, and installation is tricky in parts, Irix is a stable desktop OS -- possibly because it runs only on SGI's own hardware. Read the rest at NewsForge.
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by Anonymous on Sat 21st May 2005 02:22 UTC

Jeez, it looks like SGI craptel/linsux strategy is relly paying off, NOT! I'm still revolted to no end with SGI abandoning MIPS and Irix, just like thousands of former SGI devotees. SGI lost/abandoned pretty much all of its cool technologies with just a couple of worthwhile pieces left -- NumaFlex and CXFS -- the rest (IA64 and Linux included) are absolutely worthless and will bring them nothing but trouble. I started my Unix career from Irix and always had a warm spot in my heart for SGI, but there is absolutely no freaking way I'm going back to have anything to do it with SGI again -- it is hopeless and there is no feeling of trust anymore. Good bye SGI, hello Sun! Anyhow, with the way things are going with SGI, they are very likely to be delisted from NYSE by the end of this year, who know what is going to happen to them then...