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SGI and IRIX Can a proprietary Unix be a desktop OS that competes with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops? Although it may lack the visual effects of OS X, and installation is tricky in parts, Irix is a stable desktop OS -- possibly because it runs only on SGI's own hardware. Read the rest at NewsForge.
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''Real' reality check
by DLazlo on Sat 21st May 2005 05:12 UTC

I've heard they're old/not fast, too proprietary, too expensive, relics, and about a thousand other "gifts of wisdom from the one truth" of others. Baloney!!

You use the hardware and/or OS that you damn well please and ignore all these 'Oracles' that dream themselves knowing what "IT" is and how "IT" should be done. Not Infromation Technology per se, but the big "IT". The everything you do, say, or think.

I'd sooner use an Atari or even Heathkit and enjoy it or have it do just what I want how I want it than be miserable working on the newest, fastest "IT" machine money can buy. Fast is a relative term. Fast food is just that, not nessarily good. Fast cars often break more frequently and cost more to service. Fast delivery often is only that in the advertisement. Fast women are a world of problems unto themselves. (My apologies, Ladies!)

The 2 systems I most enjoy working in are BeOS and IRIX. I can do almost all I want in them and a few things I still can't do in some others without a lot of setup or tweaking hassle or third party add-ons. "It ain't dead if anybody's still using it!" and "If you don't like it, don't use it!"

So what if SGI isn't pushing out lots of updates. That wasn't the gist of the article or others like it. The point of this and others is "Here is what I use and why I like it! If you come to OSNews (or other sites) because you're curious about the look and feel or how it's done in other systems on other hardware by other people, then it's right here. Enjoy it and learn! How are you going to do that when you're too busy showing how you know "IT" all!