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SGI and IRIX Can a proprietary Unix be a desktop OS that competes with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops? Although it may lack the visual effects of OS X, and installation is tricky in parts, Irix is a stable desktop OS -- possibly because it runs only on SGI's own hardware. Read the rest at NewsForge.
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by Adam on Sat 21st May 2005 15:13 UTC

It seems to me like all the old UNIX venders have Linux options: IBM, SGI, HP, and even Sun.

GNU/Linux is the future of *nix and Windows Longhorn is the future of operating systems. I guarentee you ten years from now there will only be Longhorn or GNU/Linux and Longhorn.

If by some miracle GNU/Linux or OpenSolaris start outselling Windows systems Microsoft will cut prices; they can probably cut it by half without much sweat.

No super processor from Fujitsu/SUN (sparc niagra) or IBM (cell), as long as they are not Longhorn compatible will change this.