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SGI and IRIX Can a proprietary Unix be a desktop OS that competes with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops? Although it may lack the visual effects of OS X, and installation is tricky in parts, Irix is a stable desktop OS -- possibly because it runs only on SGI's own hardware. Read the rest at NewsForge.
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Re: SGI? Copycat...
by walterbyrd on Sat 21st May 2005 21:53 UTC

>>You are wrong. There was a few lines of code (a simple loop) copied from the original UNIX source to Linux by the SGI engineer.<<


Since you are making the assertion; and based on "innocent until proven guilty" all I have to say is "prove it."

You can't, can you?

FACT: scox execs have been caught dead-to-rights in dozens of outright lies. For example, scox either lied to the courts, or lied to the public, about millions of lines of infringing code that scox said they had already found. You would be a complete fool to believe anything that comes from scox, unless it was absolutely proven.

A few other scox lies:
- scox said they could stop IBM from selling AIX
- scox said they have the right to audit all AIX users
- scox said the GPL was unconstituational.
- scox said that scox owns C++
- scox said that scox *owns* the UNIX operating system
- scox said they would send invoices demanding payment to all known linux users.

And you believe scox? Get real.