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Original OSNews Interviews Computer technology has become a major part of modern Hollywood movies. Almost every aspect of them has been passed through various computers and software refining the finished product and delivering astonishing results. But how does this new high-tech reality affects the artists involved? Versatile character actor William Fichtner is with us today to discuss these very issues along with his latest TV & movie projects. Mr Fichtner has become a well-known figure through blockbusters like Armageddon, Contact, Black Hawk Down, Go, Equilibrium, Heat, Perfect Storm, and many more.
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by -=StephenB=- on Wed 25th May 2005 14:59 UTC

The problem with computer generated effects is that they give people like Michael Bay and Paul Anderson the illusion that they're as capable of making "Big" movies as folks like Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, or (pre-Titanic) James Cameron.

Most of today's big directors substitute emotionally-appropriate soundtrack for the actual creation of mood, and substitute CGI effects for creative/unique filmmaking.