Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 27th Aug 2001 05:22 UTC
Syllable, AtheOS AtheOS is a modern, free (GPLed) Operating System written from scratch in C++. A big chunk of the OS is POSIX compliant, supports multiprocessing and it is GUI-oriented (fully OOP). Today we are hosting an interesting interview with the AtheOS creator, Kurt Skauen. Kurt is talking about his views on binary compatibility in future versions, multithreading and the future of his OS in general.
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by Kurt Skauen on Wed 29th Aug 2001 18:03 UTC

The communication problems JBQ mentioned does not have anything to do with multithreading. It is just that BeOS have a to small limit on the message queues and does not block waiting for space in the queue but AFAIK throws away the message if the queue is full. This problem would arise if the GUI was single threaded aswell. In fact if the GUI was single threaded it would happen all the time. Take a look at a regular Windows or X11 applications. Whenever they have something to compute they just entirely stop responding to events of all kinds often for an extended periode of time. If windows had the same limitiations in the message passing mechanism as BeOS most of the applications would have died whenever you moved another window over it while it was busy processing something.