Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 14th Sep 2002 22:44 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE From SuSE Linux 8.1 on, YaST2 comes with a new, powerful package manager. It supersedes the classic YaST2 single package selection and integrates the YaST Online Update (YOU) and post-installation add-on selection at the same time. It lays the foundation for supporting multiple installation sources like a traditional set of SuSE CDs, add-on product CDs, patch CDs, FTP servers or even local directories - all of which may contain software packages to install. Specially optimized versions were implemented for both graphical user interface (the YaST2 Qt UI) or text interface (the YaST2 NCurses UI), providing each type of user with the tool that best fits his needs. Read more for the commentary.
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Review of YaST
by Iconoclast on Sun 15th Sep 2002 02:56 UTC

I don't know what nightmare Eugenia is having when looking at this new version of YaST, but I think it looks great. I think it is interesting too that it has a very similar layout to Microsoft's MSDN subscriber download web page, which I also think looks fine, but I don't ever see negative reviews regarding Windows UI or Microsoft on this site.

In all honesty, what good does it do to write an article about a tool you've never used and complain about its features if you don't even understand what they do?

The current YaST has the same categories as the new one, but they are not as cleanly displayed. I think SuSE has done a good job here and I am looking forward to trying 8.1 out when it is released. Also, when writing a review about YaST, it would be nice if you mentioned that it is not only a package management tool; it is a whole lot more and it does all of these things very well. In fact, SuSE is the only distro I will use other than Debian and YaST is the reason I do.

My favorite line from the review was, "Advanced search: Which package provides that library my program needs?" Do you truly think that Joe User needs or should be forced to know or search about this? If your answer is "yes", then, Mr SuSE, you got no clue about desktop system design.

First of all, SuSE takes care of dependencies for you so you don't have to worry about this, but there are times when someone might want this information. It would be pretty stupid if Windows only contained features that Joe User knew how to use wouldn't it? Why are you railing against SuSE for providing a tool that may come in very handy for more advanced users? I mean really, just because a feature is there doesn't mean that Joe User (whoever the hell that is) HAS to use it.

Lastly, this search tool LOOKS (I haven't used it yet) more powerful than the current search capabilities. Personally, I think since SuSE does give you a ton of useful software, even Joe User will appreciate the ability to search for those cool programs he has heard about (yes, the search tool can be used for that as well).

I think this review was based on nescience and only written to get a story out and piss and moan again about Linux. I'm sad to see such things on OSNews.